Sari on steroids!

Designers reinterpret the Indian staple in their own unique handwriting…

Namrata Joshipura


Nachiket Barve

Designers at the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week cleverly morphed the Indian classic with their honed aesthetic. Amit Aggarwal presented a sari inspired gown in his signature sculpted style. Nachiket Barve injected an unmistakable S&M vibe by transmogrifying his sheer studded skirt and draping it around a bodysuit like a post-coitus sheet. Falguni and Shane Peacock, on the other hand, sweetened their versions with glistening beads and dramatic feathers. It’s amazing the sari offers myriad scope to mould and transform itself thus making it the purest form of a couture dress.

Amit Aggarwal


Falguni and Shane Peacock


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