Decoding Scream Queens style



Scream Queens season 1 is over and the trailer of season 2 has already been out. Director Ryan Murphy (after dazzling us with American Horror Story), with this horror-spoof series pays homage to a slew of iconic horror films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining and Psycho. However, besides the razor-sharp dialogues, clever narrative and a supremely talented ensemble cast, the show made its impact because of its nifty styling.


Chanel’s Halloween pumpkin patch: Homage to The Shining 

From the narcissistic Chanel trio (played to perfection by Emma Roberts (Chanel no 1), Abigail Breslin (Chanel no 5) and Billie Catherine Lourd (Chanel no 3) clad in fur, sequins and feathers to the up-from-the-streets style seen on Zayday Williams (played by Keke Palmer) and Skyler Samuels (Grace Gardner)  – the show has been a stylistically alluring treat for any fashion junkie.


THE KAPPA SISTERS: Fur, feathers, berets and candy tones

Homage to the house of Chanel

Chanels, always dressed in pastel tones of baby pink, powder blue and pale green, pay homage to the couture house of Chanel. In fact, they call Halloween – ‘Chanel-o-ween’! Picture cutesy headgear in the form of faux fur hats, feather skirts, tweed lunch suits, strings of pearls and two-toned shoes and you’ve nailed the look.

The show’s opening scene sets the style momentum where one’s introduced to the ‘gross-rich’ Chanel Oberlin’s walk-in closet (in her words her “second vagina”). She walks out of the Kappa Kappa Tau with her minions – all in delectable tones of mint and citrus and perfectly blow-dried hair, oversized sunnies and gloves intact. It’s like a macaroon-meets-marshmallow haze when one visualises these sorority sisters.  She, in fact, asks her maid Ms Bean to scrub the entire house with a Barbie toothbrush.

Street credo: Zayday and Skyler

As the show progresses, one’s bombarded with even more luscious Rococo tones as far as Chanels go. Zayday and Skyler, on the other hand have a distinctive styles of their own. While Zayday is hip hop gangsta, Skyler usually sports an array of nautical-inspired looks complete with striped t-shirts layered with mannish blazers and tweed berets. What makes styling such a transformative weapon in the show is the fact that every character’s look speaks volumes about their stature in it (as Chanel Oberlin says, “life is a class system”).

Queen of Kappa Kappa Tau

Emma Roberts’ closet is definitely envy-inducing – from the open-casket funeral of Chanel no 2 (a cameo by Ariana Grande) (where Emma’s dressed in a black feathered dress and a beret) to the moment where she walks out of the jail in a crisp Chanel look (a white shirt with a pussy bow collar, over-sized sunnies and a chain belt on the pencil skirt) to the scene where she’s sharpening knives in the middle of the night in a robe  to the part where she’s lying on her bed in a sheer black dress waiting to be devoured by a snake which she orders online.

After all the dreamy sartorial perfection of season 1, I can’t wait for season 2 to begin…


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