‘The challenge is for the brand to stay relevant’

Acclaimed blogger Nick Wooster shares his take on style at Pitti Uomo’s 89th edition… 

Nick Wooster has been eclipsing menswear space for quite some time now. Easily one of the most respected bloggers and fashion luminaries – style comes to Nick most naturally. His new capsule collection in collaboration with Lardini attests to his passion for style which is fun-yet-timeless. Each look of him is a study in effortless style and perhaps that effortlessness keeps him ahead on the style curve. Here’s an excerpt from the brief chat I had with the style icon in Florence last month at the Pitti Fair.

How did you get drawn towards fashion?

Some people are musically inclined, some people are athletically inclined and I was able to dress myself.

How do you interpret style?

Taste and style is based on knowledge and things change depending on where you live, the weather conditions, your body changes – all these factors.

How would you define Pitti style?

There is something for everyone here.

How do you see the evolution in menswear space?

I think it’s always going to evolve. One trend which hasn’t changed is that it’s more casual than ever before. The challenge is for the brand to stay relevant despite all the casual. They can do it by being experimental.

What’s your take on the current androgynous undercurrent?

I’m in twin set and shortly coat, so yes. ha ha.

What does the metaphor – Made In Italy mean to you?

The highest quality.


Nick Wooster


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