Sprezzatura at Pitti Uomo 88

Pitti People - 031

Having read blog posts about the great wall of Pitti in Florence over the years, when I actually got the opportunity to attend Pitti Uomo – world’s prominent leading menswear trade show in Florence last week, it was a dream come true. The sight of impeccably groomed men from different walks of life, belonging to different generations coming together to channel their inner peacock at the hallowed precincts of Fortezza da Basso was riveting, to say the least.

Pitti People - 052

Seeing a sea of men in the classic navy blue and white combo, one’s likely to dub Italian men as sort of conformist but there’s a certain nonchalance with which they put their look together, which makes their fashion study even more exciting. A delectable irreverence exuded by the natty folds of a pocket square or a pair of gold and studded sneakers worn with a formal business suit. Not to forget the nifty fedoras, trilbies and panama hats and reflector sunnies which caused a multi-sensory assault.

Pitti People - 092

Man clutches, dandy messenger bags, monk strap shoes worn sock-less and cravats add to their mystical allure. But the question is – Who are these peacocks? Some of them are leading brand exhibitors of fashion and accessories, some are buyers and some comprise the media which includes bloggers, photographers.

Pitti People - 056

Fob watches linked to the waistcoat exude the old world charm and the white sneakers add to the sporty chic allure. They aren’t scared of colour as I saw red and pink suits – two colours which looked ultra-masculine.


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