Break the cliches of festive dressing

Menswear for festive occasions in India can be easily bracketed into the following categories: bandis, bandhgalas, sherwanis and kurtas with churidars. It’s sad that despite the recurring cycle of Indo western fusion season after season, which has been taking place over the last two decades, Indian menswear space throws very few options for the fashion forward man. Most guys end up looking like clones of one another – say colour blocking a sherwani with a contrasting stole or wearing a bandi with a vibrant pocket square and completing the look with a pair of jodhpur trousers. However, despite such limited options for experimentation still a lot can be done.

Try these looks:

1. Pair a bandi with your fave pair of denims or drainpipes and complete the look with open toe leather sandals. The look spells easy breezy and yet conveys that formal, dressy vibe.


A look from Ashish N Soni

2. Pair a draped Kurta with a well tailored blazer or jacket and opt for voluminous pyjamas – the looks says festive but with a western twist. The drapes of the Kurta are offset by the structural shape of the blazer. Add your fav chronograph and a popping pocket square for that tinge of drama and you’ve got a winning combo.


A draped look from Shantanu & Nikhil

3. Layering a denim shirt with a bandi jacket works well. Roll the sleeves up till the elbow and leave the first button of the bandi open. If you aren’t a fan of denim then opt for your fave chambray shirt. Complete the look with a pair of suede moccasins. Check this denim look from Rajesh Pratap Singh



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