Five chic Prefall accessories I’m digging!

Today men’s fashion is more about expressing who you are and how you are feeling on a particular day than about following trends or magazine editorials. In the last few seasons, colours like canary yellow have become accepted fall colours and it’s no longer about cloaking yourself in black and grey. Accessories like clothes play a key role in defining the kind of dresser you are – Are you a hipster dandy? Are you a preppy laced with a sartorial edge or just a nomadic bohemian in a global village?

Gucci‘s Prefall accessories this season are accentuated with an urbane, contemporary style, splash of bold colours and of course, the brand’s iconic craftsmanship. Here are my fave picks from this dapper collection:

Belt it with elan

This tanned beauty will elevate a formal look to another level and also complement a diverse panoply of ensembles. Channel your inner dandy and jazz up any look with this nifty belt – whether you want to dress up or dress down.


Marrying comfort with a modern aesthetic 

Who’s not familiar with the brand’s horsebit loafer? This stunning pair makes you breeze from a day look to an evening of high drama and high-octane glam slam.


Silk scarf

This luscious burnt orange, printed silk scarf is your ultimate essential if you are planning a European summer. Tie it under a cardigan and radiate your confidence. Real men aren’t afraid of colours!


Retro redux

These Retro-style sunglasses take us to 60’s glamour. They suit most face types and go with diverse looks. Also, they are timeless and classic.


Luxe-lit case

This bright yellow soft leather case will beautifully offset your all-grey pin-striped suit and also colour-block a navy blue ensemble. Dump all your travelling gadgets, work essentials and files in it.




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