The Dior Dandy

Kris Van Assche has been eclipsing the menswear high fashion space for many seasons now. This time the Creative Director of Dior Homme, inculcated some of the iconic references from Monsieur Dior’s epochal archive and injected it with his modernity day aesthetic for his ultra-chic winter 2014-15 presentation. As a phalanx of Dior men swaggered down the runway in a panoply of double-breasted pin-stripped suits which were often dotted and accented with abstract rose motifs, they wreaked a multi-sensory impact. 



Today’s evolved Dior man is someone who wears a three-piece pin-stripped suit with a pair of triple-buckled shoes. The seriousness of the three-button (sometimes four-button) suits with skinny lapels was offset by the playfulnness of the polka dots present on shoes, handbags and satchels. Other motifs like the star, the heart and the coin made the collection fun and refreshingly modern.


The beautifully cut and slickly crafted suits were accessorised with masculine jewellery such as tie pins and white metal brooches thereby exuding a sporty dandyness. 

The layering of some of the key suits with denim vests and leather jackets with shearling collar was quite interesting channeling a luxe masculine sensuality. Some suit jackets came in multi-pockets making them more military and utilitarian. Two major ensembles which stood out: a canary yellow leather over coat, paired with denims and trainers and a nylon Khaki parka layered with a pin-stripped suit.  



“I wanted it all to be about the individual again, a feeling of uniqueness and what luxury is really about.” said Kris Van Assche of the collection.



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