Artisanal Burberry


Before the Burberry show at London Collections: Men (or LCM) started, I was expecting Christopher Bailey’s men to strut in crisp shirts, quilted leather jackets and double breasted trench coats but all fashion lovers were pleasantly surprised to see models in string vests layered by printed jackets and accessorised with vibrant neck scarves. What struck me most was the lady-like knot and styling of the scarves which looked so visually sumptuous on skinny men with hairless chests. Fall leaf motifs, artisanal handbags, slim tailored trousers and two-toned Oxfords completed the look which was seemingly inspired by the early 20th century English artists.



‘Luxe bohemian’ vibe was the strongest vibe of the whole show with brand’s over coats in signature plaid. Next on my wishlist are the vibrant scarves and a beige and black floral printed jacket worn by the second last model towards the end of the show (image below).



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