Revisiting Noir

 Alexander McQueen at London Collections: Men 


A broody, moody, melancholic and subversive themed-fashion has been an integral part of the brand Alexander McQueen’s DNA. When you think of its menswear, two thinks come to mind – Goth inspired hair and kilts. And these two formed the heart of Sarah Burton’s line for London Collections: Men showing. A phalanx of McQueen men swaggered wearing double breasted plaid over coats and suits. These rebellious dandies accessorised their hair with crow feathers which sometimes covered their eyes and reach their perfectly chiselled cheek bones. The show was staged in the theme appropriate Welsh Chapel. The distinctive feel of the collection can be summed up into monochromes, double breasted tailoring with a few pieces in British plaid, tartans, blocks and knits in geometric shapes like rhombus. 


The last few drool-worthy pieces clearly stood out thanks to the gold accents on the shirt collars and lapels – perhaps a hipster’s perfect bet for the night of Punk gala at Met.   



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