Couture marries poetry


Trust Rohit Bal to titillate us with drama, grandeur and delectable craftsmanship. Gudda’s soul searing finale show at the Aamby Valley Bridal week was a magical experience for all the devotees of haute couture who long for purity and perfection when it comes to clothes.

The majestic ramp gleamed under a panoply of lotus flowers – a recurring reference point in Gudda’s evolved aesthetic. The centre of the ramp was turned into a mythical pond which baby pink lotuses blooming. As Gudda’s models strutted down the runway grooving to oldies like Aa jaane ja, they transported us to an era in the fashion history where men and women enjoyed the process of dressing up and indulging in the pleasure of high voltage glam slam.
The collection gloried in opposites – we saw volumnious off white lehengas with high neck serrated collars embellished with ornate black embroidery. Men wore draped shalwars, linen structured pants and draped angarkhas with elegant bejewelled headgears. I especially loved a black sheer cocktail sari and an exquisitely embroidered jacket lehenga which gleamed on model Candice Pinto.
What added drama and depth to the show were old classic songs from Hindi films like Aa jaane ja and Kehna hi kya.  

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