Florals and men


A lot of Indian men cringe at the very thought of donning florals. And I don’t think they are to be blamed because in the tradtional sense, floral is synonymous with feminine. However, in today’s day and age like everything else, men’s fashion is evolving and becoming daring (who would have thought of yellow being a fall menswear colour a few seasons ago?). If the street styles in the style capitals of the world is any indication then it’s not really a faux pas for a guy to don floral prints – be it a pair of brunch shorts, a floral double-breasted suit or floral motif shoes. Brands like Etro and Gucci have been playing around with floral prints and paisley motifs for so many seasons now. Both Gucci and Prada Spring 2014 collections are brimming with floral suits, shirts, trousers, bags and shoes for men.

Offset your masculinity

What makes florals appealing for a man’s sartorial appeal is the fact that they tend to offset a guy’s overpowering sense of masculinity while adding a new character or should we say texture to his persona. Say a bearded hipster donning a muted floral suit or a dandy trying to layer up his monotone ensemble with a floral waistcoat.

Opt for muted florals
If overly ornate and bright florals aren’t up your alley then take the muted floral route. Both Gucci and Prada have done muted florals majorly this fall. The dark, melancholic and broody florals add an element of drama and can spice up any menswear ensemble under the sun.

Combine florals with monotones

Prada SS 0214
Play down the florals
Complete the look with a monotone jacket or a trouser to play down the look if you think it’s overwhelming for your personal style. It’s always a good idea to pair a floral piece with a monotone piece. Or try combining it with another pattern like a plaid or tartan.
How to play the floral to your advantage:
Floral shorts: Great Sunday brunch companions. Wear these with a v-neck t-shirt and a pair of wayfarers and if you are in the mood to stand out add a straw trilby or fedora hat. Complete your look with a candy toned toy watch.
Floral shirts: A great pick for a dressy, formal evening at a hip downtown restaurant. Complete your look with a pair of slim-tailored trousers and a pair of tanned wing tip brogues. 
Floral suits: This isn’t for the faint-hearted and not everyone can pull it off. So keep it for a strictly sartorial affair like a fashion week or a wedding.
A Prada SS 2014 man bag

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