Picking the perfect pair of shorts


Shorts are the most comfy-meets-chic essentials in menswear style territory. If you want to avoid taking the overly dressy route then these elegant beauties are a refreshing alternative. Considering the oppressively humid weather in our country, a pair of slim shorts is a great pick for a Sunday brunch or an evening out with friends. However, pick the pair that flatters your physique (read: enhances your assets and covers up your flab). No one wants to see a guy with chicken legs or the one with too much fat deposit. So invest in a pair, which accentuates your worked-out thighs and butt.

How short is too short?

I’ve seen a lot of men especially blessed with long legs and unkempt skin wearing really micro shorts at the gym or while they go jogging in the park. These micro shorts do little justice to their tall towering frame and more often than not, they stick out like sore thumbs. The trick is to buy a pair which ends just an inch above your knees or grazes the knee. Anything shorter than that is far from flattering or anything longer than that amounts to downright frumpy unless they are smartly tailored three-fourths in common parlance.

Avoid the baggy shorts with too many pockets



They may seem utilitarian to some of us but men’s fashion across the globe is all about sharp tailoring and slim silhouettes. Baggy equals frumpy! Or in other words, voluminous is so last season! Always remember that. Invest in a pair of slickly tailored shorts which draw the attention to your flat abs and chiseled thighs. Stripes, prints and degrade are some of the cool options you could choose from. Go for florals or camou prints if you think you have the confidence to pull these off.

Wearing shorts with jackets or blazers


Sometimes it’s great to be chicly under-dressed than be predictably over-dressed. To break down the formality of a suit jacket or a blazer, it’s great to club it with a pair of slim shorts. Complete the look with a pair of tanned brogues, monk strap double buckle shoes or comfy trainers. 


Short Options:

Nautical stripped shorts: The sailor-stripped pair can never go out of style. Throw them on with a polo t-shirt as you take your dog out on a walk. 


J Crew

Printed shorts: Paisley, aero-inspired, skull motifs, polka dots – there’s a stunning array of patterns to pick from. Choose the ones you can carry off with confidence and élan. If florals are not your scene then go for the aeronautical or skull-inspired ones.   


Paisley shorts from Topman

Degrade shorts: If you are one of those men who enjoy wearing colours then these are your best bets. Degrade basically mean one colour merging into another say a light blue infusing into a light mauve. If you think you can pull off candy tones without looking sloppy, then these are your fashion-forward bet.



Caution: If you think your legs aren’t well toned then this is the time to hit the gym or go for a jog (fashion isn’t for the faint-hearted bro!). Also, if you think your legs are too hairy then it’s time for a trim or wax (whichever floats your boat!). No girl or dude would ever ask a Neanderthal out on a date (so chop chop that National forest Monsieur). 


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