Troy’s London fantasy


Troy Costa’s show at Lakme Fashion Week scored high on many aspects – impeccable tailoring, regal styling and surreal presentation. The designer’s show inspired by the streets of London and also by his recent trip to the English capital where he met the iconic Richard Anderson and Paul Smith shifted his focus to this fascinating city.


The ramp too the shape of an English cobbled lane, London-esque lamps and Gatsby-esque music with a LIVE band performing. Picture vintage London of 30s when men wanted to dress up and own every room they walked into by their mere presence. Troy’s dandies set the ramp ablaze in his signature hounds tooth, checks, window panes and embossed jackets, suits and vests. He completed the look with vibrant pocket squares in pop colours, collar bars, clips, brooches, canes and London’s characteristic bowler hats. The tuxedo shoes were made by Troy too.


Double-breasted suits in hounds tooth added a sartorial edge to the show while Troy’s pairing of paisley jackets with candy-toned shirts and vice versa looked easy on the eyes.


Stunning tuxedo pin-tucked shirts which had quilted embroidery were the highlights of the show. All in all a great closet showcase of an old English dapper dandy who’ll never cut corners when it comes to looking spectacularly sartorial.   


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