India’s most dapper designers

I have often observed that most of our stylists and designers don’t really make much effort while putting together their own looks. More often than not, they appear on the ramp to wave at the crowd frumpily dressed, which according to me kills the beauty of the entire show. Recently designer Sabyasachi (who wowed us with a breathtaking couture showcase of his bridal line in Delhi) showed up in a deeply unattractive avatar. And please! I don’t buy into that Bong intellectual defense. When you represent a brand and a certain aesthetic and when you style the looks of so many models/socialites/movie stars, it is crucial that you try and look half-way presentable if not like a million bucks. I get it that designing a collection is a lot of hard work and it takes months of sweat and sleepless nights to bring out a line but it’s important not to kill it at the last minute by appearing downright sloppy. Here are a few men who never look out of place no matter what – be it on the ramp or while meeting the clients at their ateliers or when they attend red carpet events.

Suneet Varma


He seems to have reversed the ageing process or in other words, he gets chicer and better looking with each passing year. Trust me I am not exaggerating but Suneet is like a Chanel suit – his worked-out physique (in other words a life-long dedication to the gym and a strict diet), perfectly jelled spiky tresses and of course the famed boyish charm just make him picture perfect. He out-tuxes his contemporaries by cutting a dash in beautifully cut blazers, jackets and suits.



I still remember a few years ago he partially revealed his worked-out body in an issue of Men’s Health. Well travelled and globally exposed to the best and the ultimate in international fashion – the jet-setting Mr Varma’s personal style is ultra-chic. He looks as elegant in a suit as he does in a black kurta. His couture label represents luxury and opulence and his personal style radiates the same sensuous elegance and style he epitomises. 


Arjun Khanna


His couture label might represent luxury and extravagance but the veteran menswear specialist designer’s personal style is simplistic, effortless and always impactful. His salt and pepper hair, perfectly chiseled face and strategically trimmed beard beautifully complement the adventure lover within him. 


When Mr Khanna rides one of his many vintage beauties (bikes restored and resurrected by the talented man himself), he wears a basic white tee with shredded vintage denims and a pair of rider’s boot customised by His Chicness. Tattoos on the arms and Ladakh neckpieces and a denim jacket complete the suave picture.


While attending events and fashion shows the dashing man wears his v-necks with blazers or opts for daring shades like pinks or a crazy tie and dye shirt which many straitlaced men wouldn’t be able to pull off. All in all thanks to Mr Khanna’s inherent sense of style steeped in history and heritage along with his many many years spent in the style radar – this peacock can rock any look. He may be known for his luxe velvet sherwanis with leather accents but his own look remains very comfy-yet-edgy and timeless.  

Manish Malhotra


Gifted with movie star looks or in other words razor sharp jaw line and angular facial structure – the dandy is always elegantly dressed. A waistcoat worn with a shirt in black or midnight blue is his “fashion week” look and it’s refreshing to see him in bandhgalas with churidars from his very own line at social soirees. His boyish looks take him several notches up on the style rating chart and so does his husky voice. 



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