Mumbai’s Most Stylish Men Part 2

Mozez Singh Architect, Interior Designer, Filmmaker


Well travelled, well read and well bred Mozez spells style like no other dandy on the social scene. Often spotted at Dior haute couture homme shows in Paris, Mozez is quite an eclectic dresser and never disappoints. A classic V neck and a waist coat is perhaps his favourite look which also brings out his boyish charm.

Riyhad Kundanmal, Entrepreneur


He loves sailing and is on sea most part of the year attending some of the biggest yacht and mega-yacht shows abroad. The former model is the most understated dresser. Mostly seen in business suits, Riyhad’s arresting personality always takes the attention away from the clothes. On his yacht one would see him in a crisp polo tee and a pair of nifty sunglasses while at the Mumbai race course, the polo enthusiast cuts a fine figure in spiffy polo gear.

AD Singh, Restauranteur


Recently AD paired his kurta pyjama with a formal blazer at a GQ party. He is one of those few men in Mumbai who can carry off baby pink. Linen suits and blazers in a pastel palette has been part of his breezy closet for years. Vibrant pocket squares and neck scarves have been his signature accessories which add a hint of playfulness to his appeal. Also, the fact that he is always grinning from ear to ear adds to his dapper charm.



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