Mumbai’s most stylish men (Part 1)

It’s a delight to see today’s sartorially evolved Indian man. He puts a lot of thought while dressing up as he steps out not just for major events but even for a casual outing like running an errand. He picks his morning cappuccino in a Zadig & Voltaire T-shirt and denims and takes his dog out for an evening walk clad in a Burberry jacket and a Zara T-shirt. Grooming and buying bespoke clothing is no longer a girl thing to do. Today’s chic-o-sexual men know how to put together a look, what’s appropriate for a night out at a red carpet event and how to be innovative with one’s ensemble when there is a black tie situation. It’s no longer about taking the tried-and-tested and yawn-inducing grey-black-charcoal, tweed-cashmere-linen route. They don’t follow the style rulebook but like to make their own looks. They are not afraid to wear a carrot orange or a canary yellow and have proved that they can rock floral prints too without looking sloppy or trying too hard. I know of so many men in Mumbai who would always own every room they walk into with their impressive sartorial choices and of course great individualistic personalities and infectious charm. Here are some of them who never fail to disappoint the nit-picking fashion police.


Rahul Khanna, Actor

Mr GQ understands “bespoke” like nobody’s business. This perennial lady killer is a sight to behold at any night out – a fashion week front row appearance, an homme facial fuel launch or a #BestDressed soiree. Recently the dapper-tastic Mr Khanna showed up in a denim Zegna suit outsmarting every other man at the GQ party. Burberry suits, Rajesh Pratap pin-tucked shirts and the list is endless … this peacock can teach even some of our most seasoned fashion editors and stylists a thing or two about putting together a look. Superimpose great looks with a suave personality and some envy-inducing sartorial picks and you’ve got a lethal combo in the charming Mr Khanna.



Raja Dhody, Businessman


The jet-setting shipping tycoon always looks stylish – whether he is entertaining his close coterie of toffee-nosed pals on a yacht or serving the most exotic steak at his sprawling house nestled in the heart of central Mumbai. From Cesare Paciotti to JJ Valaya, from Shantanu & Nikhil to award winning Harry Winston timepieces – this man represents luxury and THE GOOD LIFE. The inspiring businessman has a penchant for embellished belts and handcrafted shoes too and is soon to launch his own accessories line. More power to his luxe-lit closet!

Vikram Raizada, CEO Tara Jewellers


He is one man who is not scared to wear bold colours. It’s hard not to miss him at a social gathering, thanks to his edgy yet elegant choice of attires. The way Vikram colour blocks his ensemble, nobody can. Cheery yellow with royal blues or tonal layering in a palette of wine shades – Mr Raizada has excellent taste. A true fashion enthusiast, Vikram’s versatile closet comprises labels like Arjun Khanna, Narendra Kumar, Troy Costa and Sanjay Hingu beside of course Gucci scarves, Harry Winston chronographs. His choice of footwear is impeccable too – tasseled loafers, wine-toned brogues and suede moccasins. Raizada is one man who’ll wear a royal blue Arjun Saluja jacket while riding his vintage bike. Kudos to the eclectic dresser! 



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