Delhi Couture Week Day 1

Anju Modi’s Draupadi

Photos: M.A.C Cosmetics


At her couture exposition Anju captures the beauty and charm possessed by Draupadi for the opulent “Marriage to Pandavas”, with celebratory colours like crimsons, caramels, tamarinds and golds accentuate the romanticism and the magnificence. The collection moved to the fate changing Game of Dice where shades of Ash Grey, Indigo Blue, Brutal Maroon brought out the dilemma and chaos echoing within Draupadi. The showcase culminated with Draupadi’s “Devotion” towards Lord Krishna, and subtle, delicate shades of faune, blush and ivory resonate the ethereal bond.



Opium by Sabyasachi


Intriguing elements like empty glass bottles against ornate mirror frames injected regalia to the old world charm of the designer’s 1920’s inspired collection.


It took Sabya around two and half months to craft the collection. The Kolkata’s darling is quite inspired by the 1920’s era and used vintage jewellery from a jeweller in Hyderabad. Quaint antique pieces and collectibles from the 1800-1900 made the showcase all the more opulent.


The King of Muted palette this time used a lot of sequin work in most of his collection. Shimmery sarees, dupattas in sombre tones of white, cream, peach added another dimension to his understated aesthetic.


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