Vampire chic

Everyone hated Twilight (in fact, its spoof Vampires Suck was way more hilarious) but no one could get over the va va voom Cullen family closet – trench coats, bombers, leather jackets and boots. What is it about vampires that makes them so eternally stylish even when they are gruesome and heart-less. Having been a fan of TV shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries, the mystique of Vampire glamour has always baffled me – ultra-pale, kohl-eyed, messy voluminous hair and an envy-inspiring closet and of course, the fancy cars they drive and the spectacular apartments they reside in (which always happen to be nestled against the soul-searing hilly terrains).



The powder-y Edward Cullen (essayed by Robert Pattinson) was one of the most mocked and ridiculed characters but his sense of style was something that stood out in the Twilight litany. Long trench coats with prominent epaulettes and collars besides of course his unruly mane, pale skin and red lips quite made up for his lack of performance. Even the wedding tuxedo look which he completes with a white floral brooch on the lapel remains etched in the minds of the die-hard Twilight fans.


Also, the hunky Eric Northman’s sense of style in True Blood remains unmatched – he sticks mostly to the family of black – it’s all about jackets here – military, trench, leather, parkas and hoodies – all underscore his devil-may-care Vampire charm. The scenes where the debauched Eric drinks true blood at the notorious Fang-tasia bar spell evil grunge like nothing else.


Another show which caught my attention as far as Vampire style goes is Vampire Diaries. One can’t help but admire the devastatingly dishy style of the Salvatore brothers. Stefan Salvatore  played by Paul Wesley and Damon Salvatore essayed by Ian Somerhalder are lady slayers. PERIOD! While Stefan broods most of the time, it’s the 162-year-old Damon who gets the best line and has ladies going ga ga over his devilish charm. The brothers’ looks in the show vary from being the Edwardian dandies to the new-age rocker chic. When the show depicts the late 17th century era, the brothers are seen in tail coats, suspenders, voluminous shirts, three-piece suits and fedora hats. It’s equally interesting to see them essaying college lads when they are in basic V-neck tees, plaid shirts and jumpers. It’s a treat to see Damon slurping blood ensconced at the exotic Salvatore castle which is rich is Baroque elements – wrought iron candle stands, chandeliers and gilded furniture.


It’s hard to imagine a vampire without a sense of style. The fact that these age-less creatures survive on blood, emblazon fangs and never die makes them all the more intriguing for the story tellers. And of course a Burberry trench coat on their broad-yet-delicate doesn’t hurt the eyes!  


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