Revenge style

Fashion lovers always hungrily wait for TV shows and movies which are high on style. Right now I am eagerly looking forward to the release of the movie Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s in India and also the new season of The Carrie Diaries, which captures Carrie’s early days in 80s Manhattan. I just finished watching the second season of Revenge and I have to say more than the murky plot, which has way too many twists and turns, one thing which has caught my attention is Madeleine Stowe’s closet who essays the dragon lady Victoria Grayson.


Her multi-layered character is as intriguing as her bewitching choice of couture. From the frothy lace Vera Wang mermaid gown to the cobalt blue belted dress by Catherine Malandrino she wears at her husband’s soiree – she is truly a vision.



The red halter-neck bow dress which she wears with crimson red lips spells evil as does the sheer lace black dress with opera length leather gloves which she wears at the masquerade ball.


Her day closet is no less enchanting. Her choice of fishtail green trench coat by Burberry is as refreshing as her choice of teal pencil skirts which she wears with oodles of panache in the boardroom.


The show is set in the rarefied backdrop of the plush Hamptons where Victoria plays the Queen bee socialite and all she needs are sharp lines and elongated eyelashes to rule.  Way to go Victoria! 


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